Friends of Lolo Peak is a citizens’ group of local residents and businesses, hikers, hunters, anglers and skiers dedicated to permanently protecting the outstanding natural integrity, scenic values, and traditional uses of public lands in the Lolo Peak area for future generations. Further, we support expansion of the Carlton Ridge Research Natural Area (RNA) in order to further protect its unique character.

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The following list provides an example of the concerns raised by our members:

  • The massive scale of the proposed resort will drastically alter local lifestyles, especially those enjoyed by rural residents of the Bitterroot Valley;

  • The project demands large amounts of water for its snow making and resort community. Though some water rights are privately owned, others come from the Lolo acquifer, Carlton Lake and Little Carlton Lake;

  • The project will impact water quality and native fisheries;

  • The resort will increase pressure on the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness;

  • Resort development will decrease access to, and the quality of, hunting areas currently used by locals;

  • The project exploits undeveloped public land to wring maximum real estate profit from adjacent private land, only benefiting a few;

  • Resort development will decrease access to, and the quality of, recreational pursuits like hiking, horseback riding and backcountry skiing;

  • The resort will price locals out of the area, may support a resort tax, and would leave residents holding the bill for infrastructure improvements needed to address sharp increases in population and traffic;

  • The resort will provide few economically viable jobs, while the vast majority will be seasonal, minimum wage positions. There is no assurance that local contractors will be used in the initial development stage;

  • The resort will force locally-owned ski areas out of business;

  • The resort will destroy the scenic qualities of Lolo Peak, an historic landmark for Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley; and

  • Development of this scale will greatly alter existing wildlife habitat, including crucial winter habitat for elk.

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