Gate Installed on FS Road #1311

A recent project for FOLP was to advocate for installation of a gate on FS Road #1311, on Forest Service land just above the yurt on Tom Maclay’s property.  Although a sign points out that it is closed to motorized traffic, there was evidence that it had been used by unauthorized vehicles and motorcycles.  In June of 2010, several FOLP members met with the Stevensville District Ranger to request that a gate be installed.  The Forest Service agreed and in October of 2010 installed a locked gate near the existing sign.


Since then, FOLP members have helped to monitor the gate to make sure that it is not being damaged or that someone (such as motorcycle users) isn’t finding a way around the gate.  We have already had occasion to report an incident of unauthorized usage to the Forest Service for follow-up. 

We plan to continue this monitoring.  If you hike or snowshoe in area of FS Trail #1311 in the easterly part of Carlton Ridge and would be willing to help us out with monitoring the gate, we would love to hear from you.  You can contact us by calling Sharon at 406-273-6041



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