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What would the "largest ski resort development in North America" mean for Missoula and the communities of the Bitterroot Valley? Will it bring in stable, living-wage jobs? Will it drastically raise the price of living in communities?

Using data from mountain towns with similar developments, the following FAQs (sources at end) provide a few of the answers.

The following FAQs were prepared by Dr. Steve Seninnger, a professor at the School of Business Administration, University of Montana. Dr. Seninger is providing economic and community impact analysis, pro bono, as a concerned citizen and member of Friends of Lolo Peak. Steve is a hiker, skier and paddler who is committed to preserving the magnificent Lolo Peak area for the continued access and use by hunters, fishermen, hikers, skiers, horsetrail riders, and people in the local communities.

1. The Community and Economic Value of Public Lands and Wilderness Areas

2. Community and Economic Impacts of Destination Resort Real Estate Developments


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