Become a Member!

Becoming a member is simple - just print out the Membership Form (Pdf) and mail it to the following address. The membership due of $10 is not obligatory - your time and volunteer help is invaluable and always welcome. However, if you'd like to help us offset basic costs (see below), mail your check (made out to "Friends of Lolo Peak") to:

Friends of Lolo Peak
PO Box 4122
Missoula, MT 59806

We will mail you a receipt and welcome you to the organization. Please check this website regularly for meeting announcements or provide your email so we can add you to our informational listserve. Thank You!

Why is Friends of Lolo Peak a membership organization?

The answer to this question is one of numbers - it is critical that the public speak out in support of a protected Lolo Peak. The Forest Service and our elected officials will consider the public pulse - by speaking with a combined voice, we are both powerful and organized, making it hard to be ignored. As a citizens' group of volunteers, Friends of Lolo Peak needs all the help it can get.

What will the membership dues be used for?

Membership dues of $10 allow us to pay the basic expenses of a public campaign. Dues will offset the cost of printing, advertising and meeting space, or the costs of bringing in speakers. FOLP is operated by volunteers, so no salary money is required. FOLP is not a nonprofit organization, meaning that donations are not tax deductible.


Friends of Lolo Peak, P.O. Box 4122, Missoula, MT 59806
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