"A ski area is not about skiing, it's about making great wealth out of real estate...It all has to do with the value of the base property, and the real winners are not the skiers but the landowners....I never felt there was a need for more skiing. Why would I take a piece of precious public land and give it away for a few people to make money?"

— Orville Daniels, former supervisor of the Lolo National Forest, current board member of the
Missoula Area Economic Development Corporation. Quoted from the Missoulian 1/9/05.

"We believe that the Forest Service Revision Process is the proper mechanism to determine the best use of the Lolo Peak area."

— Board of County Commissioners, Jean Curtis, Bill Carey, and Barbara Evans, in a 4/21/05 letter to Senator Burns, Senator Baucus, and Representative Rehberg

Residents Quietly Rejoice Local Foreclosure
The Atlantic, 10/20/09

Creditors seek to foreclose on Bitterroot Resort, demand full control of Maclay property. 10/08/09 Missoulian

Bitterroot Resort still has flurry of work ahead
By ROB CHANEY of the Missoulian (12/31/08)

Resort redux
Revised Bitterroot proposal gets initial green light

By: Jesse Froehling, Missoula Independent (11/20/08)

Bitterroot Resort Gets Initial OK from Forest Service
By Robert Struckman, (11/11/08) NewWest

Bitterroot Resort given initial OK
By JOHN CRAMER Ravalli Republic (11/11/08)

In Montana, Bitterroot Resort Rides Out Volatile Market
By Matthew Frank, (8/06/08) NewWest

Finding a Way Forward at the Bitterroot Resort
By Robert Struckman, (7/15/08) NewWest

Bitterroot Resort skiing plans denied again
By PERRY BACKUS Ravalli Republic (7/3/08)

Mortgage crisis spooking high-end developments
By PAUL FOY, AP Business Writer (6/23/08)

County faces budget requests
By CHELSI MOY of the Missoulian (6/20/08)

Ski resort permit contrary to our heritage
By JACK TUHOLSKE, Missoulian Op-Ed

Bitterroot Resort proposal seeks access to terrain
By Perry Backus, Ravalli Republic (4/11/08)

Maclay to pay $20,000 in tree-cutting settlement
By Michael Moore, Missoulian (12/21/07)

The Economic Impact of the Bitterroot Resort on Lolo Peak

MT Public Radio - By Tom Power (11/26/07)

Bitterroot Resort Would Have ‘Significant’ Economic Impact
NewWest - By Dave Loos (11/8/07)

Work in progress: Tom Maclay says his development west of Lolo is moving forward
By CHELSI MOY of the Missoulian (10/6/07)

Forest plan incorporates public opinion
by KRISTIN KNIGHT - Ravalli Republic (2/13/07)

Commenters Object to Bitterroot Resort Proposal
Newwest - By Matthew Frank (2/08/07)

Comments lean against Lolo Peak ski resort
By PERRY BACKUS of the Missoulian (1/8/07)

Resort presentation fires up residents
by KRISTIN KNIGHT - Ravalli Republic (1/31/07)

Speaker shares perspective on resorts
By MEA ANDREWS of the Missoulian (1/28/07)

Bitterroot Resort Applies For Drilling and Wastewater Permits
Newwest - By Greg Lemon (1/15/07)

DOT: ‘Great concern' about Bitterroot Resort
By MEA ANDREWS of the Missoulian (1/4/07)

Another candidate for Montana wilderness: The Lolo
Creek IRA

By John Q. Murray, Clark Fork Chronicle (11/30/06)

Uphill Battle: What does a changing climate mean for Montana’s ski industry?
by Jessie McQuillan - Missoula Independent (11/23/06)

Bitterroot Resort poses solutions for water rights to legislators
by JOEL GALLOB - Ravalli Republic (11/21/06)

Lolo Peak
Let’s not repeat the mistakes of Snowbasin

by Greg Lind - Missoulian Op-Ed (11/6/06)

Land above proposed resort must be protected, groups say
By PERRY BACKUS of the Missoulian (10/23/06)

Work has already started on early stages of Bitterroot Resort
By PERRY BACKUS of the Missoulian (10/23/06)

Comment period ends for forest land-use plans

By PERRY BACKUS of the Missoulian (9/12/06)

Rich Bitterroot heritage deserves respect
By Cheryl Holden Rice, Ravalli Republic

Bitterroot Resort Developer Selling Lots
By Greg Lemon, 8-23-06

Tom Maclay Shows Off First Home At Bitterroot Resort
By Greg Lemon, New West (8/18/06)

Forest comment period extended
By TYLER CHRISTENSEN of the Missoulian(7/30/06)

Bitterroot Resort officials update county commissioners
by ANTHONY QUIRINI- Ravalli Republic (7/25/06)

From here, it's all downhill for ski proposal
Opinion, Missoulian (5/8/06)

No Open Doors For Bitterroot Resort in Forest Management Plans
By Greg Lemon, New West (5/01/06)

Forest Service rejects Lolo Peak ski area idea
By Perry Backus, Missoulian (5/2/06)

Report claims Maclay's ski resort not needed
by Rod Daniel, Ravalli Republic (5/1/06)

Report: Skiers' needs being met
By Perry Backus, Missoulian (5/1/06)

Maclay defends tree cutting
By SUSAN GALLAGHER, Associated Press (4/22/06)

Maclay refines request to use public land (4/21/06)
by ROD DANIEL, Ravalli Republic

Maclay makes new request for ski resort (4/20/06)
By Perry Backus, Missoulian

Bitterroot Resort Requests Public Land Use For Skiing, Mountain Biking
By Tad Sooter, NewWest (4/19/06)

Test run - Selling a resort, one snowboarder at a time
by John S. Adams, Missoula Independent (3/16/06)

The Potential of Bitterroot Resort (2/27/06)
By Tom MaClay, New West

Feds sue Maclay for damaging public land
by ROD DANIEL - Ravalli Republic (1/26/06)

Forest Service sues Maclay
by Jessie McQuillan, Missoula Independent (1/26/06)

Federal government files lawsuit against Maclay
By MICHAEL MOORE of the Missoulian (1/26/06)

Ski resort developer responds to Forest Service suit

U.S. Attorney: Tom Maclay Illegally Cut Trees in Research Natural Area
By Courtney Lowery (1/24/06

Bitterroot Resort: Public Amenity or Private Playground?
By Jonathan Weber, 1/20/06

2,500-signature petition delivered to Sen. Burns
By Missoulian.Com (11/30/05)

Bitterroot Resort has potential, report says
But local opposition among plan's obstacles (11/23)

Dam flap leads to resignation from Lolo Peak ski resort committee
By Perry Backas, Missoulian (9/15)

Lolo Peak looms over forest plan meeting
By Perry Backas of the Missoulian (7/22)

Lolo Peak land use up for review
By Perry Backas, Missoulian (7/18)

Skiing, or wheeling and dealing?
By Mark Matthews of High Country News (4/18)

Federal grant would fund study on Maclay plan
By ROBERT STRUCKMAN of the Missoulian (5/28)

Lolo Peak at center of forest plan revisions
By COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (5/16/05)

Bitterroot, Lolo national forests reject ski area
By SHERRY DEVLIN and COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (3/17/05)

Alleged illegal logging investigated
By COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (3/5/05)

Missoula to Maclay: Show us the Money
By Courtney Lowery, New West Network (2/23/05)

Planned ski resort gets icy response at public meeting
By GREG LEMON, Ravalli Republic (2/18/05)

Proposed ski resort still causes a knot in the stomach
By GREG TOLLEFSON for the Missoulian (1/27/05)

Lolo Peak's future stirs heart strings
By COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (1/9/05)

Lolo-area ranch owner introduces public to Bitterroot Resort plan (12/4/04)
By COLIN McDONALD of the Missoulian

Lolo Peak ski resort: Developer to outline proposal
By COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (12/2/04)

Tom Maclay wants to turn his Lolo Peak property, and national forest land above it, into a large-scale ski resort
By COLIN McDONALD, Missoulian (11/6/04)


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Development would destroy elk habitat (1/12)

It's not about skiing; it's about real estate (12/27)
Skier sees flaws in Maclay's plan (12/24)
Ski area will only benefit owner (12/14)
Hey, it's just your way of life (12/12)
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